Virginia Hound Show 2020 Canceled

Dear Hunt Clubs, Spectators, Vendors and Supporters,

We have decided to cancel the show for this year. We regret we will not see you but look forward to welcoming you to the show next year. Stay tuned for dates and information.

From MFHA President, Tony Leahy:
"... As we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy. We feel that during this time of national crisis, it is prudent to cancel the Virginia Hound Show, the National Horn Blowing Championship, the Ian Milne Award presentation, the Professional Development Program graduation and other peripheral events...."

We regret that this year's show is canceled. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Dear Masters, Huntsmen and Members:

The Virginia Foxhound Club and I would like to thank everyone who brought hounds to our show last year. It is an honor to have you at the show. This year our show is Sunday, May 24th at Morven Park, Leesburg, VA.

We are excited about this year’s show. We have been working diligently to make this a very special weekend for exhibitors and spectators alike. Let me share with you some improvements for this year’s show. These include:

  • Our website has all the necessary information on the show to include entry forms and schedules.
  • All show entries MUST be made online through the electronic registration form. Payment must be made upon registration. All major credit cards, paypal or e-checks are accepted.
  • Regrettably, we have had a large number of hunts that have not returned trophies to the show. Our least expensive trophy is valued at $8,000, and they range up to over $50,000. More importantly, they capture the history of foxhound performance and breeding for just under a century in America. We ask hunts to take care to return the trophies shined and prepared to award to the next fortunate recipient
  • The hospitality shed is available to all exhibitors to grab a drink or snack throughout the show weekend.
  • The Saturday before the show includes:
    • a talk at the Carriage Museum by Marion Eason on her new book, The Best Little Hunt ina talk at the Carriage Museum by Marion Eason on her new book, The Best Little Hunt in England, A History of the North Cotswold Hunt, which has been reviewed in Country Life and Hounds magazines. Hear a little about a great hunt and the story of hounds being sent to the USA at the start of World War II to protect the pack and their parade down MadisonAvenue in New York!
    • The Huntsmans’ Room Induction in the afternoon on the steps of the Mansion, honoring John J. “Jake” Carle, ex-MFH; Tommy Lee Jones; and David E. Wendler, ex-MFH; and
    • Our fabulous dinner under the tent with open bar, camaraderie, and the National HornBlowing contest
  • We are pleased to report that we will also accept reservations online for the dinner as well as payment online. Reservations that can be accommodated by the caterer after the RSVP date will incur a late fee, so we encourage all to reserve on time. As before, we will have a catered buffet and open bar. This sporting affair under the tent is a great time and fun for all! PROFESSIONAL HUNTSMEN, EXHIBITING HOUNDS, WHO RSVP ONLINE BY THE DUE DATE, WILL BE OUR GUESTS THAT EVENING AT NO COST.
  • Reservations and payment for the cocktail dinner, May 25, can also be made through the website. Those submitted after the RSVP date will be subject to a late fee. Reservations are limited so we encourage prompt responses. This sporting affair under the tent is a great time and value. PROFESSIONAL HUNTSMEN, EXHIBITING HOUNDS WHO RSVP ON LINE BY THE DUE DATE WILL BE OUR GUESTS THAT EVENING AT NO COST.
  • We are pleased to report that Mrs. Charlotte Buttrick, ex-MFH, has offered a $300 scholarship to any hunt that has not shown hounds at the show in 5 years. This will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The Knights of Columbus will again be assisting with parking, and we will be hiring a shuttle bus to shuttle exhibitors and spectators all day to and from the parking area designated by Morven Park.

Those with questions on completing entries may contact our Show Secretary, Ms. Stuart Sanders, at 11279 Old Ridge Road, Doswell, VA 23047. Please feel free to also email your questions to her at [email protected]. If you have any other questions, you may contact our Show Chairman, Bob Ferrer, at 703-447-2816, or you may email him [email protected]. 

All entries must be completed on line by May 1, 2020.

Your Parking Pass will be mailed to the name and address of the person in your Hunt you designate when you enter online. You may also renew your Virginia Foxhound Club dues of $35. 

I regret we must advise you that pets are not allowed on the show grounds the day of the show, and no animals may be left in trailers or vehicles unattended. Animal control will be on the grounds that weekend.

The Show Conditions permit entering four (4) hounds per class, any two (2) of which may be shown. If more than four hounds are listed for an individual class, only the first four (4) will be entered.
Our Secretary’s tent opens at 7:00 am. You may make a maximum of five (5) substitutions per ring. The Secretary’and substitutions must be made before 8:30 am on the day of the shows tent closes at 8:30 am for any additional scratches or substitutions. Please be aware that your scratches and substitutions must be made before 8:30 am on the day of the show.

As we did last year, we will hold the Junior Handlers Classes in the English Ring and the Over-35 Couple Ring at noon on Sunday. The two Divisions (10 and under and 11-16 years old) will run simultaneously. We encourage pre-entering but will accept entries that morning, but no later than 10 am.

There is no food available on the show grounds except water, coffee, and small snacks in the hospitality room located at the end of the lower kennels. We suggest everyone bring a picnic lunch. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the number listed above.



Joan Jones, President
Virginia Foxhound Club

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