forumThank you for your support of the Virginia Foxhound Club. Your membership dues enable us to put on the world’s largest foxhound show. Our Show is a wonderful venue that brings fox hunters together from across North America to share ideas, see the best hounds from the USA and Canada, and enjoy camaraderie that would not necessarily occur if not for our show. The work of the Virginia Foxhound Club depends on you, our loyal members, and the generous and hard work of countless volunteers. We greatly appreciate your support!

The Virginia Foxhound Club:

  • Protects the sport through active lobbying to influence legislation in favor of hunting
  • Provides a forum for exchange of ideas with foxhunters' panels at the annual meeting and other venues
  • Puts on the Virginia Foxhound Show—largest foxhound showin the world
  • Brings English judges from overseas to judge hounds
  • Provides for a junior handler class for young children in two age divisions
  • Provides cups, ribbons, and trophies for the classes at the Virginia Foxhound Show
  • Holds the annual Virginia Foxhound showparty
  • Serves as host to the National Horn Blowing Contest
  • Facilitates the Museum of Hounds and Hunting and other hunting activities during the Memorial Day weekend
  • Produces unique Virginia Foxhound Club items for members

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Mail checks to: Betsy Smith, 7237 Leeds Manor Rd, Marshall VA 20115


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