Saturday May 28 (11 am) at the Carriage Museum, Morven Park:

Talk at the Carriage Museum by Marian Eason on her new book, The Best Little Hunt in England, A history of the North Cotswold Hunt which has been reviewed in Country Life and Hounds magazine

There is no charge to come and see this event - all exhibitors and guests are welcome.

Saturday May 28 4 pm

The Huntsmens Room Induction honoring John J. “Jake” Carle, ex- MFH, Tommy Lee Jones, and David E. Wendler, ex-MFH.

Saturday, May 28 (6pm) Hound Show Cocktail and Dinner under the tent on the lawn at Morven Park below the mansion. 
7 pm National Horn Blowing contest

Open bar and buffet. $50 per person.

Sunday May 29 7am Secretary’s tent opens for registration, closes at 8:30
Show begins at 9am
12 noon Junior Handlers Class

Cocktails open to all during pack classes, championship classes, and post-show courtesy of Pat Butterfield, MFH, Farmington; Sherry Buttrick, ex-MFH, Farmington; Tom Bishop, ex-MFH, Farmington