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Dear Masters, Huntsmen and Members:

The Virginia Foxhound Club and I would like to thank everyone who brought hounds to our show last year. It is an honor to have you at the show.  This year our show is Sunday, May 26th at Morven Park, Leesburg, VA.

We are excited about this year’s Show. We have been working diligently to make this a very special weekend for exhibitors and spectators alike.  Let me share with you some improvements for this year’s show.  These include:

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Virginia Foxhound Show

2019 Hound Show Weekend May 24-26

Please consider joining the Virginia Foxhound Club. We appreciate your support.

Saturday, May 25 (6pm) Hound Show Cocktail and Dinner under the tent on the lawn at Morven Park below the mansion. 
7 pm National Horn Blowing contest

Open bar and buffet. $50 per person.  (Reservations will be available soon)

Sunday May 26 7am Secretary’s tent opens for registration
Show begins at 9am

This year we will be accepting online entries with payment via Credit Card or PayPal. You will need to log in or Join if you have not done so for 2019.

Hound Show Online Entry

Dinner Reservations