2024 Judges

76th Virginia Foxhound Show

Group of judges from 2024 Virginia Foxhound Club Hound Show
2024 Virginia Foxhound Show Judges

2024 Judges

American Foxhounds

  • Tommy Lee Jones

Crossbred Foxhounds

(Under-35 couple in kennels)

  • Dr. Steven Thomas MFH

Crossbred Foxhounds

(Over-35 couple in kennels)

  • Dennis Foster, ex-MFH

English Foxhounds

  • Timothy Easby, ex-MFH

Penn-Marydel Hounds

  • David Raley, ex-MFH

Performance Trial Hounds

  • Ginny Perrin, MFH

Junior Handlers

(5-10 years of age)

  • Mrs. Mary Reed MB & Ms. Jean Roberts

(11-16 years of age)

  • Mrs.Camille C. Finley & Ms. Rachel Anderson

Champion of the Show

  • Dr. Jack van Nagell

2024 Clerks

  • Ms. Judy Allen
  • Ms. Elizabeth Beer
  • Ms. Susan Boone
  • Ms. Janet Boots
  • Mr. Bill Bush
  • Mrs. Rita Bush
  • Ms. Ellen Flynn
  • Mrs. Marie Gorman 
  • Ms. Nicole Gossage
  • Ms. Jane Hurst
  • Ms. Toni Koerber 
  • Ms. Elizabeth Manierre
  • Ms. Elizabeth Smith
  • Ms. Susan Travelin
  • Ms. Meredith Wade
  • Ms. Halliday Woodbury
Trophy at Virginia Foxhound Club
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Show Secretary

Show Chairman